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Pre-Wedding Planning : How to Make a Seating Plan For Your Wedding Dinner

A seating plan for your wedding dinner can accommodate assigned seating or simply reserved tables. Make a seating plan for your wedding dinner with tips from… Video Rating: 5 / 5

The Wedding Reception Checklist (The Wedding Planning Checklist Series) Reviews

Can i start planning my wedding while my fiance is in iraq?

Question by precious12122006: Can i start planning my wedding while my fiance is in iraq? my fiance is in iraq, he left a few days after we got engaged but i really want to start planning my wedding. so is there anyway i can do this with out him Best answer: Answer by meOf course! […]

Planning Your Wedding Party- A Party You’ve Been Dreaming of For Years!

The wedding ceremony and wedding party are two events that you may have been dreaming about and mentally planning since you were a little girl conducting pretend weddings with your Ken and Barbie dolls. Planning a wedding party is one of the more complex party planning events you can tackle as a host. Many brides […]

Budget Wedding Planning Tips

by jasonpearce Just because you are planning your wedding, literally on a shoestring budget, doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be beautiful, memorable and talked about. Planning a wedding on a low budget basically means cutting out all the vulgar pomp and grandeur and extraneous ostentation which some cheap people indulge in during their weddings to […]

Engaging A Wedding Professional Software In Planning Your Wedding

Wedding is usually a one-time event in the life of a couple. It’s an occasion you really need to plan very well. You have to do everything possible to make the event a memorable one. Planning your wedding well is indeed the solid foundation you must put in place in order to see a glorious […]

Wedding Reception Planning Guide

Wedding reception planning can be a stressful process for the bridal couple. All the married couple would want to be a special wedding day so that all your guests will remember for a long time and even their life. Therefore, in wedding reception planning, you should consider a location other than the usual catering hall. […]

Q&A: Where can I get wedding planning books?

Question by Candi #17: Where can I get wedding planning books? Where can I order wedding planning books like the kind to be a wedding planner? Not too expensive though and maybe they come with a movie or something but ones that have good training in them. Best answer: Answer by has a number […]