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Latest Wedding Dress Contemporary News

Finding that perfect wedding dress can prove no small feat, especially considering it’s the most important dress you’ll ever wear! When you first start shopping for wedding dresses, the seemingly limitless options can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a picky bride-to-be. But shopping for your wedding dress doesn’t have to leave you feeling stressed out, […]

Latest Wedding Dresses News

There are lots of reasons why other brides opt to have a casual wedding dress. Aside from being less complicated when it comes to styles, casual wedding dresses are quite affordable compared to designer wedding dresses. Casual wedding dresses are best for brides who are in a tight budget and this kind of wedding dress […]

Latest Wedding Dresses News]

wedding dress Image by thisyearsboy The back of Justine’s wedding dress, mid-wedding. Note the rose petals on the ground that Aimee and I spread! It would probably be safe to say that all girls – from kids to teens to older women – already have an idea of their perfect wedding gown for their perfect […]

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Groom and Best Man Image by kitseeborg The Groom Image by kitseeborg Popular Groom Tuxedo Look (Vest) Mattucci Tailors, Tuxedos, & Mens Store Follow That Groom! Why did the groom cross the road? That was what Eden Whitney wondered when a tuxedo-clad hunk hopped into her car and drove off with her—instead of his intended. […]

The Best Places to Go to Find the Latest Wedding Industry News

Wedding industry News is a must for planning a wedding, whether you are an Online Wedding Planner or the bride to be.  Professionals need to stay in front of trends, so that they can provide their brides with the hottest trends and styles out there, and brides need to be in the know when planning […]