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The was recently created in conjunction with the Advisory Board at the Amerivest Group. It is part of our consumer product and service blog network. You can also visit & for other offerings and current information. Our e-commerce affiliate, eMerivest, can be viewed at



Amerivest Group, LLC

Amerivest is a turnkey business solutions company, and private investment firm with substantial capabilities and reach.  The world is rapidly changing, and traditional strategies are proving inadequate. New innovation and strategic thinking is required for any business to succeed in today’s ever-changing and challenging global environment.Amerivest provides a compelling, fresh management approach by combining several strategic business elements with groundbreaking technologies in strategic partnerships with such leading institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and PWC.

The founders of the Amerivest Group started in 1978 as a professional services firm and have participated in more than 400 major projects. For more than 30 years our partners have served entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profit organizations. Amerivest has grown and been formed around the needs of its customers by constantly adapting to changing markers and business climates. It has been driven to constantly innovate and accumulate an array of timeless best practices. In early 2008, the company was reorganized around new management, and thereby expand the company’s breadth of services and international reach. Retired CEO’s, senior government officials and leading academic thinkers have joined Amerivest as associates to provide a compelling and innovative team.

Over the years, Amerivest has served the real estate industry, local and state governments, technology industries, medical device industries, telecommunications, hardware and software industries and the financial services sector. Today the company is uniquely positioned to offer strategic planning services, efficiency innovations, privste equity capital and assist companies with governmental issues. Amerivest’s investment strategy has also positioned the company to deploy technology synergies, its management team, and its capital formation resources, in targeting strategic acquisitions.


“We Hand You the Keys To Your Future
When We’re Done With Our Job”

Our professional associates, and management team here at Amerivest are ready to provide a Turnkey solution to your organization’s future. Whether you’re just concerned about survival, are in need of a turnaround or restructure, need help to access international markets, or you’re at the crossroads of expanding or focusing on new horizons, Amerivest will find the right solution at the right time. We will partner with you and help you deliver these results in an increasingly challenging global environment.

Restructure Planning & Turnaround Implementation

Amerivest will provide management support to organizations that require tried and tested management expertise in order to deal with your immediate issues, problems, and or unique opportunities.

Our group first establishes a relationship with your organization’s Board of Directors, and Executive management in order to establish goals and objectives, and a timeframe that is both realistic and fits your circumstances and demands.

We work with your staff, operating personnel, and all levels of management in order to develop the restructure and/or turnaround strategy, while utilizing our operational efficiency expertise to re-invent an organizational operating plan that will increase efficiency, reduce cost and expense, and enhance excellence at all levels of your entity. Our team merges with your employees, staff, and management to develop a synergistic approach to effectuating the restructure. We never divulge the identity or the strategies that we develop for our clients without their express written permission.


Amerivest is all about creating solutions to your problems, solutions to implement your growth, and realization of your goals & objectives, while providing you an array of capital resources to help you. By combining our operations team, seasoned management associates, expertise in working with government, and bringing the necessary financial resources to the table, the resulting synergy is only limited by our combined imagination!

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