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Low Cost Wedding Ideas for a Beautiful Day on a Budget

The cost of a wedding can add up very quickly, and if you are on a tight budget you will need some low cost wedding ideas that still add up to the perfect day.  Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs without giving up the wedding of your dreams.  Here are some low cost wedding ideas to save money.


Choose a less popular day and time.

Most weddings take place on Saturdays, which means it is the most expensive day to book a reception hall.  Consider having an evening ceremony and reception on a Friday.  If you really want low cost wedding ideas for a Saturday, look into booking the ceremony in the morning and having an early afternoon reception.  Brunch weddings are a popular new trend that are considerably less costly than evening dinner receptions.  Other low cost wedding ideas for the ceremony and reception: consider a Sunday afternoon wedding, or serving only a light meal instead of a full dinner.


Cut out unnecessary expenses.

One of the best low cost wedding ideas is to skip some extras you don’t really need.  Do you really need a professional videographer?  If you really want a video of the ceremony, today’s high resolution handheld video cameras can do a great job, and it’s likely you or someone you know has one.  Ask someone in the front row to record the wedding for you.  Other low cost wedding ideas include asking the photographer to deliver the negatives to you and arranging for your own prints, and skipping rental cars or limousines and simply driving your own car to and from the wedding.


Do it yourself.

There are plenty of low cost wedding ideas for things you can do yourself rather than hiring someone to do them.  Make your own centerpieces and decorations, even wedding favours!  Low cost wedding ideas for the favours include things like small decorative pouches of candy or a candle that you have decorated yourself with ribbon.  You can also print your own invitations, place cards and thank you cards at home using affordable kits available at stationary stores.  There are many do it yourself low cost wedding ideas that can save your budget while still making your wedding beautiful!


Look for experts among your friends.

There may be a wealth of low cost wedding ideas hidden among your friends and family.  Find out if anyone is a good photographer, and if they will do the honours at a low price for you.  Do you have a friend who plays an instrument and can supply ceremony music?  Or maybe you know someone who can officiate at your wedding.  Not only are these great low cost wedding ideas, but hiring friends also makes the day more special.  Your friends may even have more low cost wedding ideas to share!


There are many low cost wedding ideas to help you stay within your budget and still have a beautiful wedding.  Doing a little work yourself and asking friends to help out are all low cost wedding ideas that are easy to implement.  Hopefully, with these great low cost wedding ideas, you will have some money left over for a great honeymoon!

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