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Q&A: What winter wedding colors would you choose?

Question by prettyinpink!: What winter wedding colors would you choose?
another wedding question!!! :]

I just started planning my wedding for December 2010 and am having trouble deciding what colors to do! I was thinking

White & Red
White & Silver
White and an icy blue color

What would you suggest out of these? Or, if you think of any others please let me know! My wedding is definately on a budget, so be aware of that! Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Katie
white and red

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13 Responses to “Q&A: What winter wedding colors would you choose?”

  1. hmm
    i like white and silver, white and icy blue

    but i really like the idea of silver and icy blue

    good luck and congrats :)

  2. white and silver
    i think with those two colors you could have a beautiful wedding and be so creative with it and it would be like a winter wonderland!

  3. i like the white and icy blue
    but i thhink white, silver, and a gorgeous deep purple (not too dark) would be even prettier

  4. White & Silver & Blue would look very elegant and stunning.

    White & Red would look very romantic and homey.

  5. white and icy blue hope i helped.

  6. Hi. For winter, I like:

    Royal blue OR icy blue along with white (your dress and table linens, etc.) then pair it with silver as an accent.

    So….icy blue or royal blue/white/silver

  7. White and Silver.

  8. I think white and silver would be cool because you could make it like a ice kind of winter theme.Or you could always do red and green with holly and poinsettias.

  9. If you desire to wed in winter choose White & Red because the passion must be deep to do it in the coldest season.

  10. if you want to use a three color combination as your winter wedding color, you may try any one of these: white, periwinkle and silver, white, red and silver, white, red and evergreen, white, periwinkle, and blue, chocolate, evergreen and mocha, chocolate, red, and mocha, white, merlot and silver, and white, silver, and evergreen

  11. i would go with red and white out of the options you have there. but i was thinking for a winter wedding warmer colours would be nice.

    i’m having a summer wedding and my colours will be red, white and gold. :)

  12. White and silver seems pretty. I also think that white/silver and a deep, almost burgundy shade of red would be beautiful. Like the color of a poinsettia plant. It would be very “in season”. Good luck!

  13. I think Silver would be a really pretty color for a winter wedding. Maybe even a Forest Green.

    Best Wishes!!! and Good Luck!

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