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Modern Wedding Cakes

Article by Vitaly Indinko

This really takes the cake: a wedding cake designed to be as modern and streamlined as the wedding itself. The bride and groom with a modern flair now needn’t worry about finding the perfect dessert to complete their perfect day.

Modern wedding cakes come in many varieties and styles. From square cakes to cheesecakes to cakes made of cheese, the modern wedding now often has original cakes, much different from the traditional white frosted behemoth of yesteryear. Let’s take a look at the modern desserts brides and grooms have begun to fancy.

Different ShapesTraditionally, cakes were round and tiered. That’s about it. Of course, there were supplemental sheet cakes to feed the many hundreds of guests in a large wedding, but the design of the actual tiered cake was rather simple: round and frosted.

Today, cakes can be shaped into many different shapes. Square, triangle, and even multi-shaped dioramas are common. Weddings, however, call for a little modern flair and simplicity, and the modern wedding cake is often favored as a square tier.

Decorations of Different MaterialsThat square wedding cake we were talking about above doesn’t sound all that different from the traditional dessert of the past until we discuss how these modern cakes are often decorated. Many bakers now choose to feature fondant as the covering instead of frosting.

Fondant is a flat sheet of sweet covering that can be placed on top of the cake. This allows the baker to create a design with modern appeal: streamlined and clean lined. When the fondant is stretched and smoothed out, it covers any imperfections in the cake and makes the surface look polished,

The streamlined look of fondant is the perfect canvas for the baker to add modern details like edible spray paint and flowers. The look counters that of traditional frosting; the traditional imperfections are often covered with busy flowers and busy designs, countering the clean lines of the new fondant cakes.

Non-Traditional TypesModern cakes can also stretch the imagination in other ways. Many couples choose to opt for cheesecakes, cupcakes, and even cakes made of cheese. With many food allergies threatening the enjoyment of the traditional wedding dessert, some couples are choosing to offer additional desserts or a non-traditional dessert altogether.

Modern couples may have the most modern wedding planned, but without a cake to match, they may feel behind the times. Thankfully, there are many modern cake options to lend their reception the same modern flair.

About the Author

Vitaly Indinko loves to write about wedding cakes, including topics such as cakes for the modern couple and wedding cakes made of (cream) cheese.

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