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popular wedding ceremony Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venues in Melbourne

Wedding Ceremony: M&A #2
popular wedding ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony: M&A
Location: Muggardt & Bürgeln, Deutschland
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Weddings in Melbourne are extravagant beautiful affairs with limitless locations to choose from. So whether your choice is a beach side wedding or a botanical garden, you are only bound by your own imagination. Every bride wants to remember her wedding for a lifetime that is the reason why they choose wedding receptions and wedding ceremony venues that are attractive and beautiful. Melbourne is a goldmine of both wedding ceremony locations and reception venue locations.

Alternative wedding ceremony locations could include a castle. A castle is the perfect location for a medieval themed wedding. The grounds are beautifully kept and could offer great opportunities for your wedding photographs. Kryal Castle in regional Victoria approximately 1 hour from Melbourne CBD is the perfect destination for wedding. You could have an outdoors ceremony on the grounds with a beautiful indoor candle light reception. With accommodation on the grounds it’s a perfect location to spend your first night together.

Golf clubs have also become a popular wedding ceremony and reception venue location. In Melbourne there is no shortage of golf clubs. Golf clubs also usually have well maintained gardens which are perfect for photographs. Kingston Links Function Centre located just 20mins away from Melbourne CBD is a great place to tee off and hold your wedding and reception ceremony. Or for a golf course in the country, Stonelea Country Estate in Alexandra could be your perfect location. Just 2 hours from Melbourne CBD it boasts a 18 hole golf course, accommodation, restaurant with banquet and outdoor catering facilities. Near the yarra valley it features 1000 acres of picturesque undisturbed country side. Or if you like the manicured green lawns of the golf course and still want to be by the beach the Peppers Moonah Links Resort on the Mornington Peninsula could be more your style.


A beach wedding can give you many options with regards to decorating your event. A daytime ceremony and reception creates a carefree atmosphere with lots of space and beautiful scenery. A night time wedding reception could be beautifully located in a tent or marquee decorated with tables on the sand and candle centerpieces to light the event. Another option with the beach wedding is to hold your ceremony on the beach. Brighton beach is a beautiful location in Melbourne to hold the ceremony which could be followed by a wedding reception at the Brighton Savoy.

Have a wedding in the mountains or a rainforest for something or exciting and original. Sky High Mount Dandenong can be the perfect location and can provide you with a range or reception choices. You could have your wedding ceremony or reception in a beautiful garden or have a gazebo wedding. But either way the results will be perfect. Sky High Mount Dandenong provides a beautiful opportunity for photographs with vast superb views.

Another romantic and untraditional way to celebrate your wedding is by getting married on a Yacht. Imagine you and your guest sailing into a stunning pink and orange sunset with the ocean enveloping you. This is a beautiful backdrop to hold our wedding ceremony.

If you want a wedding which is out of the ordinary then these are merely a few choices for your wedding ceremony or wedding reception location. Planning an unconventional wedding can be both fun and exciting for both you and your guests. So make a lasting impression on your wedding day by choosing one of the above non-traditional wedding venues. Surprise your guests and enjoy your special day.

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